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  1. Let's encrypt

    Published: Fri 04 December 2015

    In Misc.

    tags: SSL

    Let's encrypt entered public beta and there is a Debian package in experimental for their client available.

    After some reading and testing I came up with the following commandline to give me what I want:

    letsencrypt --manual --config-dir $HOME/letsencrypt/etc \
    --work-dir $HOME/letsencrypt/var --logs-dir $HOME/letsencrypt/logs \
    --server …
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  2. Alternative Firmware for a squeezebox

    My Squeezebox Radio does its duty most of the time. Unfortunately it depends on a single central service run by Logitech. Well, from time to time this service doesn't work which makes me wish for an alternative firmware that doesn't depend on such a service. Moreover it doesn't feel too …

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