Alternative Firmware for a squeezebox

My Squeezebox Radio does its duty most of the time. Unfortunately it depends on a single central service run by Logitech. Well, from time to time this service doesn't work which makes me wish for an alternative firmware that doesn't depend on such a service. Moreover it doesn't feel too good that I can login to, press "Remote Control" and can control the box from there.

So here is my wish list for the alternative firmware:

  • free and open source
  • local configuration without a central server
  • optionally controllable by http directly on the box
  • support DLNA to play music available in the local network
  • and last not least it should of course still play streams from the internet

As a starter I ported barebox to the Squeezebox. Currently only second stage loadable for the vendor supplied Redboot and apart from the UART no devices working yet. But still ...

Until I get further with porting a recent bootloader and Linux to it, feel free to contact me if you have a link to a free internet radio firmware.