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  1. Philips Hue Bridge v2.1

    I recently bought a Hue Bridge to experiment a bit with Zigbee and 802.15.4. Following two posts for the hardware version 2.0 and some comments about the differences to version 2.1 I was able to get shell access on my 2.1 hardware.

    As there is …

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  2. IPv6 in my home network

    Published: So 17 September 2017
    Updated: Mo 02 Oktober 2017

    In Misc.

    tags: IPv6

    I am lucky and get both IPv4 (without CGNAT) and IPv6 from my provider. Recently after upgrading my desk router (that is an Netgear WNDR3800 that serves the network on my desk) from OpenWRT to latest LEDE I looked into what can be improved in the IPv6 setup for both …

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  3. Installing Debian Stretch on a Turris Omnia

    Recently I got "my" Turris Omnia and it didn't take long to replace the original firmware with Debian.

    If you want to reproduce, here is what you have to do:

    Open the case of the Turris Omnia, connect the hacker pack (or an RS232-to-TTL adapter) to access the U-Boot prompt …

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  4. Let's encrypt

    Published: Fr 04 Dezember 2015

    In Misc.

    tags: SSL

    Let's encrypt entered public beta and there is a Debian package in experimental for their client available.

    After some reading and testing I came up with the following commandline to give me what I want:

    letsencrypt --manual --config-dir $HOME/letsencrypt/etc \
    --work-dir $HOME/letsencrypt/var --logs-dir $HOME …
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  5. Alternative Firmware for a squeezebox

    My Squeezebox Radio does its duty most of the time. Unfortunately it depends on a single central service run by Logitech. Well, from time to time this service doesn't work which makes me wish for an alternative firmware that doesn't depend on such a service. Moreover it doesn't feel too …

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